we decided to do something a little different on a classic Pain Au Chocolat.  Pain Au Chocolat is a delicious croissant with two simple elements: buttery bread and chocolate batons.  Why would anyone want to change a classic?!  Well, here at Butter and Flour, we believe in trying out new flavors on classic pastries (even if they turn out wonderfully awful).  Luckily this time it was a great success!  

What was the inspiration for today's experiment?   Kit Kats!  Kit Kats have existed for decades and have been a regular treat in Halloween goodie bags in America.  In Japan, the Kit Kat is taken to new heights with more than 200 flavors ranging from red bean paste to wasabi to banana.  We decided for our experiment to try the classic Kit Kat and green tea.  Since Kit Kats have a similar shape to the chocolate baton, it was easy to replace in a croissant.  

This yummy twist may be a regular item on the menu.  Now how can we get our hands on the other flavors of Kit Kats...

Green Tea Kit Kat Croissant

Kit Kat Croissant